Historic Preservation
Our Historic Preservation and Restoration Group is comprised of team members with educational backgrounds in structural engineering and historic preservation and whom are experienced with applying The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties to projects throughout the northeast. GNCB is a member of the CT Trust for Historic Preservation  and meets the Professional Qualifications Standards of the Department of the Interior.

“The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties is a series of concepts, recommendations, and guidelines about maintaining, repairing, and replacing historic materials in addition to designing new additions or making alterations.” GNCB uses the Standards as a guideline at all stages of our work. In addition to maintaining the historic integrity of the structure, our designs carefully consider the economic and technical feasibility of each project in an effort to support all levels of treatment for varying project sizes.

Existing and historic structures differ from new building design as they require the existing conditions to be documented and assessed. This is essential to outlining the full scope of work to be addressed in each project. GNCB takes the information gathered on-site to produce a variety of deliverables for our Clients. These deliverables become an important part of each structure’s history and allows projects to move into construction.

GNCB’s historic preservation services include taking a project with an existing or historic structure from the conceptual and planning stages into construction. Our versatile backgrounds as structural engineers and preservationists allow our team to produce accurate Construction Drawings minimizing the number of changes made in the field due to unforeseen conditions.  We are also capable of providing our Clients with full Contract Documents and helping them steer the unfamiliar territory of bidding preservation projects with qualified Contractors.
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