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Charles C. Brown
Charles C. Brown, P.E.
President, Principal Email
Charles C. Brown has over 35 years of experience as a structural engineer. His career includes design and oversight of a multitude of projects including educational facilities, hospitals, shopping centers, and museums. Mr. Brown is involved in mentoring the next generation of AEC professionals and has served as an adjunct professor and lecturer on structures and construction engineering at institutions including the University of Hartford, Yale University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Full Resume
James F Norden
James F. Norden, P.E.
Principal Email
James F. Norden has over 45 years of structural engineering experience and has specialized in the field of Historic Preservation since 1995. His structural engineering career spans across the United States and serves a variety of sectors including cultural, institutional, religious, residential, and specialty structures. Mr. Norden’s Historic Preservation experience includes projects involving over 50 sites on the National Register of Historic Places, as well as a number of National Landmark sites. Full Resume
Kenneth Gibble
Kenneth Gibble, P.E.
Principal Email
Kenneth Gibble has over 45 years of structural engineering experience and has been actively involved in professional and civic organizations throughout his career. He is certified as a mediator for construction disputes and has served as a reviewer of books on management topics for the American Society of Civil Engineers. Mr. Gibble has received numerous recognitions for his involvement in the AEC industry and successful business practices including the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Structural Engineers Coalition in 2002. Full Resume
David L. Freed
David L. Freed, P.E.
Geotechnical Associate Email
David L. Freed has over 45 years of geotechnical engineering experience involving a wide range of foundation types and subsurface conditions. He has an extensive background in site investigation, foundation analysis, and soil strengthening techniques and was instrumental in integrating GNCB’s geotechnical and structural engineering services. His expertise in construction procedures makes him uniquely qualified in resolving challenges encountered in the field during construction. Full Resume
Richard A Centola
Richard A. Centola, P.E.
Structural Associate Email
Richard A. Centola joined the GNCB Team in 2002. He has over 20 years of experience designing concrete, steel, masonry, and wood structures nationally and internationally. Mr. Centola has managed projects of all sizes in a variety of sectors and has extensive field experience on large construction projects. This allows him to offer innovative design and construction solutions for both new design and adaptive reuse projects. He is responsible for the firm’s computer operations and was instrumental in converting the office from AutoCAD to Revit. Full Resume
Roxanne Brown
Roxanne L. Brown
Engineer Email
Roxanne Brown joined the GNCB Team in 2001. In addition to her structural engineering experience, she has a varied background in the AEC industry including residential, preservation, and geotechnical projects. Ms. Brown’s extensive design and construction knowledge are utilized for a number of GNCB’s flood plain shoreline projects and luxury residential projects. She is experienced with field investigation, design, analysis, and construction administration for these uniquely challenging structures. Full Resume
Charles C. Brown
Joshua Dobbs-McAuliffe
Engineer Email
Joshua Dobbs-McAuliffe joined the GNCB Team in 2005 following a six-year career in the United States Navy. He is experienced in the design and analysis of concrete, steel, masonry, and wood structures. His career spans many sectors including healthcare, educational facilities, and residential developments. Mr. Dobbs-McAuliffe is frequently involved in Peer Review projects, applying his extensive knowledge of design and building code requirements to the review of other firms’ structural designs to ensure public safety, efficiency of design, and reduce problems encountered during construction.
Full Resume
James F Norden
Amy Jagaczewski
Engineer Email
Amy Jagaczewski joined the GNCB Team in 2012. Ms. Jagaczewski is responsible for the site investigation, documentation, research, design, and construction administration for GNCB’s Historic Preservation projects. She has experience with the sensitive needs and unique challenges heritage structures present and utilizes the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties on all of these projects. Ms. Jagaczewski is also experienced in new design, renovation and adaptive reuse projects including mill conversions, educational facilities, and theaters. She is responsible for managing GNCB’s intern program.Full Resume
Kenneth Gibble
James Schmittberger
CAD/BIM Specialist Email
James Schmittberger joined the GNCB Team in 2001. Mr. Schmittberger came to the firm with Computer-Aided-Design experience in the architecture and construction sectors making him a uniquely qualified CAD Specialist and a great asset during the formulation of Construction Documents. In addition to his responsibilities as a CAD designer, Mr. Schmittberger assists in field investigation and documentation for existing structures and is qualified to create Measured Architectural Drawings  for GNCB’s clients. He was instrumental in converting the office from AutoCAD to Revit and BIM Modeling. Full Resume
Charles C. Brown
Rhonda Spencer
Office Manager Email
Rhonda Spencer has been with GNCB since 1984. She is responsible for the daily operations of the firm including human resource procedures and directly handles all financial matters such as client billing, accounts payable, payroll and banking. Ms. Spencer is also involved with GNCB’s marketing and public relations efforts.
Shelly MIcoletti
Shelly Micoletti
Administrative Assistant Email
Shelly Micoletti joined the GNCB team in 2002. She is responsible for performing administrative duties for Principals, Engineers and Project Teams at GNCB. Ms. Micoletti also provides services for clerical duties, compilation of project proposals and assists with GNCB’s marketing and public relations efforts.
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